We are On A Mission

"For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power." I Corinthians 4:20
Missionaries with a first love for Christ--we also love to communicate authentic faith and hope in Christ through apparel, decals and art.   Located in North Wilkesboro, NC, we are honored to work alongside those on a mission locally and around the globe.  We design and create to inspire and encourage others to live their mission and change the world for His glory. Also the owners of On A Mission Designs, our apparel is custom designed and hand screen printed on quality fair trade and sweatshop free apparel.

It is important to us that our apparel defines "shalom" making a full circle of peace globally.  From thread to finish, our apparel serves well the hands that made and have sewn it, and printed with our designs the apparel continues its journey into the hands of our customers as a tool to serve an eternal purpose.  This purpose is greater reached when we join hands with mission teams, individuals, and non-profits who use t-shirts to fund their missions around the world. 

Our deep love for Haiti led us in 2017 to become part of a kickstarter team of entrepreneurs and adopters for Allmade Apparel.  This important movement to "make it better" in Haiti, lead us to a fair trade sewing facility in Port-au-Prince called L.I.F.E., SA (Love Is For Ever). This facility changed our perspective toward the apparel industry and the immediate need for justice and change. Now partnered with Global Orphan Project, our focus is providing jobs and orphan care specifically to our friends in Haiti. Through this partnership, our apparel and original designs, we weave this circle of peace providing creation care, job creation and orphan care and prevention.  

Our handmade jewelry is made by the gifted hands of our friends and artisans in Haiti who reside at the ApParent Project in Petionville, Haiti.  The jewelry is made from the very clay that children eat to fill their bellies in this area of Haiti and our steel ornaments and home decor is made from the old drums that import into Port-Au-Prince. Buying our jewelry is a much better way to use this clay as a resource--not as food. The proceeds from our jewelry and decor support orphan prevention by supplying jobs to the artisans so they can provide for their children. 

Purchases made from our fair trade t-shirts first and foremost support families and orphans in Haiti, providing Haitian churches with the financial means to care for, educate and disciple the rising generation. The remaining profits from our apparel support our family and help us to further our personal missions every year. We personally serve in missions in NYC, the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC, and in Haiti. We are blessed by the opportunities we are given. While in Haiti in 2019, we help set-up a screen printing studio along with Allmade to allow students and leaders to learn how to print to provide resource for the orphanage in Dargout.  Trades and education like these make an eternal and positive difference in the lives of children, families, the economy and future of Haiti. 

Florida homegrown and raised, we moved to Appalachia as missionaries to pursue a higher journey of changing the world and take part in community development. Outside of OAMD, together we are dreamers, adventure seekers and trail riders. Rob is a firefighter and first responder, while Brooke is a local artist, art teacher and serves on the board of several non-profit projects and helps manage a special needs playground. 

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"...let justice roll on like a mighty river..." Amos 5:24


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